A thriller surrounds the deaths of three people in the West Palm Seashore apartment

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – There is still a mystery surrounding the death Sunday night of three people inside a West Palm Beach condominium.

Two women and a man were found dead, apparently from gunfire, during a welfare check at Paradise Cove condominiums off Village Boulevard.

While the police investigation at the scene seems to be over, some residents still have many unanswered questions.

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“They seemed regular. I thought maybe something happened to a family member, like someone who passed away. They looked sad,” said Sam Butta, who lives nearby.


Sam Butta discusses the deaths of three of his neighbors in the Paradise Cove condos.

Butta said he could only guess what happened. Although over the past few weeks he had noticed that the man who lived there seemed crestfallen.

“A few weeks ago, [I saw] outside sitting on the steps holding their heads. I thought something was wrong,” Butta said. “I wanted to come up and talk to him, but I didn’t want to meddle in their business, but I could tell something had happened.”

West Palm Beach police said all they believe at this point is that the two women and the man, who all lived there, died during some sort of domestic dispute.

“There was a firearm recovered from the bedroom with the victims, but again, detectives need to determine what role each played in this crime,” said West Palm Beach police spokesman Mike Jachles.

Police spokesman Mike Jachles discusses the deaths of three people at Paradise Cove condos


West Palm Beach Police Spokesman Mike Jachles discusses the investigation into the deaths of three people at Paradise Cove condominiums.

A next-door neighbor said she didn’t hear the gunshots on Sunday night and only knew people by the occasional “hello”.

“[They were here a] very little time,” said the neighbor, who declined to be named. “They just moved [in] two months ago. They came from Cuba.

Police said the man was 37 and one of the women was 32. There was no age immediately available for the other victim.

For the police, the investigation is open, even if they insist on the fact that it is an isolated incident.

Authorities said there was no immediate danger to anyone in or around this condo complex.

Police said they are now awaiting autopsy results as part of the ongoing investigation.

Lora M. Andrew