Are apartment communities required to recycle?

Q: We live in an apartment complex where we have to pay an extra $30 a month for garbage service, and there is no recycling. Are apartment complexes required to recycle? I would rather pay $30 to support recycling. We keep the aluminum and cardboard, to drop off at the fire station, but I don’t like to put plastic or glass in the trash.

Answer: Apartment complexes and other multi-family complexes are not exempt from recycling, but it works differently than single-family recycling.

According to the City of Winston-Salem, in order for an apartment complex, mobile home park, townhouse development, or condominium complex to participate in recycling, permission must be granted.

“Only the owner, manager or president of the association can authorize the collection service for recyclable materials.

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“The city will provide 96-gallon recycling carts to multi-family units that use bulk containers, such as dumpsters or compactors, for garbage collection. The resident would then push their cart to this central collection point.

“The city and property management will determine the location of on-site recycling centers,” according to the city.

– Total waste generated in 2018: 3.9 million tonnes (+1044.1% variation since 1960)

– Total sent to landfill: 2.7 million tonnes (68.4% of total waste generated, +682.4% change since 1960)

– Total recycled: 0.7 million tonnes (17.2% of total waste generated, compared to 0 tonnes in 1960)

– Total burned: 0.6 million tonnes (14.4% of total waste generated, compared to 0 tonnes in 1960)

Aluminum cans are the most successful recycling business in the United States, thanks in large part to the Coors Family— yes, the beer company. Unlike several materials on this list, recycling aluminum is far more efficient than just producing more. Recycling an aluminum can uses only 5% of the energy needed to manufacture it. It can be recycled quickly and indefinitely, and according to the Aluminum Association, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in circulation. In 2018, beer and soda cans accounted for 50% of all recycled aluminum packaging.

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Q: Now that the holidays are approaching, I receive greeting cards from various charities who want to donate for the cards. I don’t want them and feel bad for keeping them and not paying for them, but I didn’t ask for them. What can I do with them, if any?

Answer: You can treat the cards as a gift and dispose of them as you see fit, knowing you have the federal government behind you.

According to the US Postal Service, if a business or charity sends you unsolicited items in the mail, you are not required to pay for the item or return it.

“Whatever you do, don’t pay for it — and don’t be fooled if the sender follows up on a phone call or visit. By law, unsolicited goods belong to you,” the USPS said. .

The Federal Trade Commission said “Charitable organizations can send you goods and ask for a contribution. You can keep those goods as free gifts.”

You might want to check with retirement communities, nursing homes, or day care centers to see if they might want the cards. Greeting cards can also be recycled, unless they contain glitter or are made of photo paper.

It’s autumn and the leaves are falling from the trees.

The City of Winston-Salem will begin leaf collection on Monday. The city is divided into quadrants and collection will begin in quadrant 4. There will be three cycles of leaf collection during the season.

The routes turn clockwise.

Johnita Campbell, assistant director of sanitation, said brush raking will continue while leaf raking.

“However, staff resources will be distributed to complete both collections simultaneously. Collection of brushes will continue at a slower pace,” she said.

Here are some guidelines for placing sheets at the curb:

• Do not park vehicles on, in front of, or near your leaves.

• Do not put your sheets on a tarp.

• For year-round leaf collection, place leaves in a city yard waste cart.

• Bad weather may force a change in the leaf collection schedule.

• Collect the leaves right up to the edge of your yard, behind the sidewalk and not on the street.

• It is forbidden to burn leaves inside the city limits.

• Do not place sticks, stones or other debris with the leaves. They could damage the equipment.

fall color

The leaves of a maple tree shine in the sun in Greensboro, North Carolina, Thursday, October 27, 2022.


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