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Five hundred condo floors have been approved for Kelowna.

Whether these condos will be built in the immediate future remains to be seen. These towers are in addition to those that currently dot the horizon. If you’re one of the many inhabitants of a modern apartment over 400 square feet, you’ve discovered that you need to be efficient with the use of space. In fact, you probably wouldn’t be looking for the same living room couch as someone living in a 4,500 square foot estate.

Not only are more and more people moving to one of Canada’s fastest growing cities, many empty nests are selling their large single-family homes and moving into new homes that have less space and zero maintenance. exterior required. They often have furniture that dwarfs the space available in new homes.

Times are changing, and no one knows that better than Kent Melvin of Beachcomber Home Leisure. He saw his industry support this new trend by creating furniture specifically for condos and apartments.

“The main thing with condo furniture is that it’s usually on a smaller scale,” Melvin says. “It’s a lower profile. It doesn’t have a back as big as traditional furniture because you have glass windows and other similar features in these condos.

“So it really comes down to being on a smaller scale. However, a lot of people walking into the showroom can’t spot them from a distance because they’ve done a great job of saving space…subtly.

It doesn’t matter which room you need to furnish; Appropriate condo and apartment furniture is available for every location in your home. Melvin says the makers have adjusted the tables and chairs in the dining room to better complement their locations. Again, not at the expense of aesthetics as they practically look like a “house” set.

The same goes for bedroom furniture, as Melvin discovered with a recent client.

“Someone who just did a bedroom, they used – more or less – a nightstand and an accent nightstand,” he says. “So you have to be a bit more creative with the size of the room to optimize the space.”

Condo and apartment furniture also tends to be lighter in color, as the heaviness of darker colors makes areas appear smaller than they are.

The rate at which people need condominium and apartment furniture continues to increase, and Melvin says Beachcomber has adapted to keep up. Its floors and warehouses in Kelowna and Vernon are always overflowing with the parts people are looking for. The company has been able to stay well stocked during the pandemic and it continues to be ready to deliver whatever is requested.

“Yesterday we were at One Water Street making three deliveries to multiple tower residents in one day,” Melvin says of the tallest tower between Calgary and the Lower Mainland.

If you’re wondering what the differences are between home and condo furniture, you can learn more by visiting the Beachcomber Home Leisure showrooms in Vernon and Kelowna.

Come on, you’re a little curious. How tall or how tall is it?

Or you can read more about the Beachcomber Home Leisure website.

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Lora M. Andrew