Home Tour: How a 40-Year-Old Condominium Turned into a Bright and Airy Family Home

This ground floor apartment is tucked away in a very private corner of the development, surrounded by lush vegetation. Although she was almost 40 years old and in her original condition, the savvy owners acknowledged that she had “really good bones” and knew they couldn’t do too much to have something. again.

The expat couple in their 50s, who work in finance and technology, decided to hire an architect for their renovation project instead of an interior designer on the advice of a friend. They ultimately chose L Architects, who designed their colleague’s ground floor apartment in River Valley, which Home & Decor featured in the January 2022 issue.

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The L Architects team of licensed architect Lim Shing Hui and architectural assistant Tse Lee Shing were on the same page as the owners when it came to not being obsessed with the walls to hack, finishes to replace and furniture to integrate.

“We have made a conscious effort to design this house with the spirit of the place in mind. I am not only talking about the interior of the house and its immediate surroundings, but also the picturesque tree-lined street which leads to the condominium,” explains Shing Hui.

In short
A three bedroom condominium apartment in Arcadia Road
3,735 square feet
Who lives here:
A couple, their two children and two dogs
L Architects

Lora M. Andrew