in Brief: Common Council Approves Plan to Create 10 Condominium Units on Prairie Heights Drive | Company

Prairie Heights LLC has applied for condominium apartment approval to create 10 units at 101 Prairie Heights Drive. The applicant was approved in April 2022 for a site plan that contained a total of 10 two-unit townhouses for a total of twenty units located on approximately 2.3 acres of vacant land at 101 Prairie Heights Drive, and a modification of the zoning map for urban areas. Residential. Planning Commission staff had no concerns about the condominium plan to be submitted to the city council.

The existing 2.33 acre site is currently zoned in the Urban Residential area. The development would consist of 10 two-unit duplex buildings, each with its own two-car garage and enough space for two parking spaces in front of each garage. The name of the complex will be “Prairie Heights condominiums”.

The purpose of co-ownership is to form a co-ownership subject to its declaration, deed restrictions and applicable zoning ordinances.

“Particularly with the growing need for housing products for all generations in Verona, Prairie Heights Condominium is envisioned as entry-level residential condos,” the application states. “It offers a different housing option from single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses.”

“I think it’s a good project,” Verona Mayor Luke Diaz said at the July 11 meeting. “I think it provides a good level of soft density and it’s a way to see this lot getting used to, so I think that’s good.”

The dish was unanimously approved.

Lora M. Andrew