Monica’s ‘Friends’ apartment gets a makeover

MANILA, Philippines — “So nobody told you life was going to be like this…”

If you impulsively clapped, that only goes to show how iconic the “Friends” theme song is, nearly 20 years after the sitcom ended.

Also iconic is Monica Geller’s apartment where the titular gang hangs out the most, spawning some of the show’s most memorable moments – Joey doing slits in Chandler’s clothes and Monica and Chandler’s romantic proposals, to name a few. name a few.

The people at HouseFeesmade up of indoor air quality experts, decided to give Monica’s apartment a biophilic spin, loosely inspired by Phoebe’s comment in season 10 that Monica and Chandler had bought a house due to its natural characteristics.

But beyond that, HouseFresh decided to create a biophilic version – intended to bring an occupant closer to the natural environment – ​​of Monica’s apartment, because such a design speaks of timelessness, a concept the show calls her for. -even is known.

HouseFresh took the templates given by interior design experts Terrapin Bright Green to create Monica’s biophilic apartment, breaking it down piece by piece where the final product can be seen in an interactive tour.

Kitchen and living room

The gang spent most of their time in the living room or at the dining table, so taking into account Monica’s cooking expertise and her stress levels, the kitchen has been revamped with features that will help her cook and calm her down.

White marble countertops contrast with dark wood paneled cabinetry, while an herb garden sits above the sink for meditation and culinary inspiration.

For the living room, HouseFresh envisioned it as something of a haven for Monica and her friends, placing egg-shaped, rattan cocoon chairs to escape the tension, paired with tree stump table tops. .

Facing the outdoor patio, which needed little change but more plants, is a makeshift swing and a wooden desk for whenever Ross or Joey come to visit.


The first bedroom, Monica’s, is full of the use of rattan – a feature Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue popularized – as it promises a material connection to nature. Rattan comes in the form of a bed, a footboard, a bench and a chair.

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Wood makes up a big part of Monica’s biophilic bedroom – from the mirror frame, closet, cupboard and containers to the tree stump that serves as a bedside table.

The second bedroom, primarily used by Rachel when she moved in forcefully, has darker water or earth-like tones and uses random vegetation through a hanging plant canopy.

HouseFresh also decided to have circular marble side tables that best reflect Rachel’s personality, but still have the wooden furniture as a reminder that it’s still part of Monica’s apartment.


HouseFresh has transformed the bathroom into a natural paradise with naturally shaped tiles, a stone basin for a sink and a pebble-shaped tub, adorned with botanical motifs and seashells while one relaxes like Chandler ( and Monica).

The company also decided to use an LED light bar for the bathroom to create pools of warm light, and the use of Lightglass compensates for the lack of windows and natural light.

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Lora M. Andrew