More apartments, more traffic on Kirkwood Road | Webster Kirkwood Times

Although I did not attend the public meeting on the proposed apartment complex for Kirkwood Road and Adams, I listened to the audio online. Thank you Philip Hutchison, Rich Vandergrift and Carla Hickman for speaking up. The density of this area is already going to be affected by the more than 100 units still under construction a block north. North Taylor, a residential street, will become a must to escape the insane traffic that already exists. The beautiful trees that line the condos on Adams will also be affected.

I beg the community and the members of the municipal council not to allow this construction. It’s bad enough that a huge apartment building next to the Alpine Shop overlooks the private residents who live on North Taylor. I live in Washington, and getting out of my house has been a nightmare for the past few months. Parking is already a problem for people who use the YMCA. It is foolish to think that this will not make things even more difficult.

I am already worried about the number of people and the car traffic that the one under construction will generate. At the very least, we need to see how the community is impacted once it’s up and running before adding another 60 units. Let’s not be complacent about it. More apartments!

Jeanne Schober


Lora M. Andrew