Ring Intercom adds new layers to existing apartment intercom systems

Amazon-owned Ring has unveiled its new Intercom system, adding smart features to apartments. For quite some time now, owners and people living in newly renovated apartments have been able to take advantage of smart home devices. Now those who live in apartments with pre-existing intercoms can access them to improve their quality of life.

Ring Intercom is said to be an easy to install feature. At first glance, this may not be a must for those renting a condo or apartment. However, for apartment owners or building managers of older units, the new device seems like a great upgrade option.

The new system can integrate with pre-existing intercom handsets. Existing intercoms are able to communicate with visitors, delivery drivers and couriers. Ring Intercom allows for that same line of communication, even if it’s done remotely through the user’s phone or Echo device. This means that users can talk to a visitor and call them even if they are not at home.

For example, a great use case is if you’re stuck in traffic but have already ordered a delivery. Rather than leaving your Uber Eats order outside your building, you can speak directly to the driver and let them in while using Ring Intercom. The same can be said for an Amazon delivery. This can add some security to the delivery of your package in case you are not at home.

Ring Intercom is launched sporadically in various regions. The company is bringing this new device to the UK and Germany with pre-orders starting September 28. Units will begin shipping on October 26. Ring says the United States, France, Spain and Italy will have access to Intercom in 2023. The company has not yet confirmed when Canadians will have access.

At launch, Ring Intercom will cost £119.99 in the UK (around CAD$157.49).

Image credit: Ring

Source: Ring

Lora M. Andrew