Suits & Sayings: 3 great real estate projects to lock the horns for a friend’s apartment revamp; The private equity firm looks at the exodus; 100 entrepreneurs gathered for an exceptional meeting

ET’s weekly roundup of the wackiest whispers and murmurs in corporate hallways and political parlors:

Dosti Meherbani
Choosing one friend over another can lead to high voltage fireworks unless that seasoned negotiator handles the situation diplomatically. Its former apartment complex, a stone’s throw from the island town’s “most prestigious” home, is being redeveloped, like many older condos in this SoBo neighborhood. So who gets the call? Three of his best friends, who are also among the biggest customers of his bank. Two are trading houses with interests in FMCG, clothing and real estate and the third comes from a family that gave us a cult two-wheeler. Real estate is a key vertical business for all three today. At least two of the candidates see that this is a potentially large and prestigious project worth a handsome sum. So, who wins this coveted mandate could influence the degree of bonhomie among this group of friends.

Here to deliver
Its reluctance to face investors in the run-up to the IPO has angered many savvy institutional investors, especially global investors accustomed to hearing arguments from founders. Hopefully the recent performance of the company and its stock has been a wake-up call. After recent detailed interaction with domestic institutional investors, a little birdie tells us he’s in the US meeting with global fund managers. Better late than never.

Greener pastures?
If the chatter of the headhunting gang is to be believed, this blue-blooded private equity firm could see an exodus of young talent to mid-level talent. We still can’t figure out why, as the boss seems like a nice guy, but apparently resumes are available in the market. The wallet is a mixed bag, but it’s a smart bunch with tons of money and big bonuses. Why then would anyone want to go out? Let us know if you have a good answer.

New Adventure
The young dealmaker, a former Citi banker turned corporate M&A man who led several high-profile road deals for an often-in the news conglomerate, has left to join a Mumbai-based group as he expands his financing and credit vertical. There is already a joint venture that has plunged into troubled debt. Now, with the new addition, we’ll see more action from a group that’s equally adept at buying and selling companies and portfolios. Let the games begin.

Startup parentage
Friday was to be the Founders Day celebration of two of the hottest unicorns in the country. When a hundred entrepreneurs showed up at the party hosted by their angel investors, famous founders themselves from the first vintage, we wondered if it was serendipity or mere coincidence. . Nearly a hundred Founders in a room celebrating dreams, aspirations and sharing experiences was a mega bonding session over appetizers and a fabulously stocked bar. Fundraising winter may have set in, but the kinship remains stronger than ever.

Lora M. Andrew