Teenager falls to death after meeting friend at Sector 45 condo

Gurugram: A teenager is believed to have died Saturday at a condominium in Sector 45, police said. The incident happened around 1.30pm after the 17-year-old left his friend’s flat. Cops say the boy who died was a class 12 student at a major private school in Sector 45. He lived in a house in Sector 45 and reached the condo on foot to meet his friend. CCTV footage from the condominium entrance shows the boy entering the premises at 12:54 p.m., cops added.

Sub-Inspector Yogender Kumar, an additional officer from the Sector 40 Police Station, said the boy’s friend lived in a flat on the fourth floor of the condominium. “The boy met him then left but instead of going to the ground floor he went up to the eighth floor using the elevator,” he informed. The boy was later found dead in the parking lot after falling. “No suicide note has yet been recovered and the boy’s mobile phone was found at the scene,” he added. The building’s staircase and its movements could therefore not be tracked, police said.

The boy’s family members said he left the house to borrow a book from his friend. According to them, he has never visited the condominium in the past. His family originated from Badaun in Uttar Pradesh and settled in Gurugram about seven years ago. The boy’s father, who owns an export business, filed a complaint with the Sector 40 police station alleging that his son had been murdered. “We are investigating to determine if this is a suicide or homicide,” Kumar added. The body will be returned to the family after an autopsy on Sunday.

Lora M. Andrew