Tenant fined 140,000 baht for keeping dog in Bangkok condo

The South Bangkok Criminal Court has ruled that a tenant who violated condominium rules by keeping a dog in the apartment must pay a fine of 141,500 baht and interest of 5% per year until the sum is paid in full. The decision comes after the condo filed a lawsuit against the dog’s owner in December last year.

In addition to the fine, the defendant must pay an additional 500 baht per day for “maintenance of common areas” from the date of filing the complaint until January 24, 2022. The tenant must also pay 500 baht of maintenance fee for an event that happened on February 19, 2022. And on top of that, the tenant has to pay an additional 5,000 baht to cover the plaintiff’s attorney fees.

The upscale condominium – Life One Wireless – prohibits all pets inside the condominium itself and on the condominium grounds, like most condominiums in Thailand.

Netizens are divided on whether the punishment is appropriate for the crime. On the one hand, the beauty seems exaggerated. On the other hand, tenants secretly hiding pets have become a real problem for condominiums in Thailand, so the heavy fine could serve as a warning to warn others against violating condominium rules. .

According to a resident, this is not the first time that the tenant has broken the rules of the condominium. The resident says the case has been going on for years and the tenant hasn’t even tried to hide the dog. The resident said the tenant openly walked the dog on the condo grounds, took him in the elevator, let him defecate in the common areas and challenged the condo to sue him for keeping the dog.

The resident added that the tenant even took a picture of the dog’s feces in front of the condo’s entrance sign to liquidate the condo staff. He “showed the dog to the fullest,” the resident said.

The tenant was warned several times but continued to keep the dog in the condominium, which is why the condominium ended up filing a complaint, the resident said.

Although less common, there are many condominiums in Bangkok that allow tenants to keep pets, so netizens can’t understand why the tenant didn’t rent a room in one. of them in the first place, or at least moved. when they received a warning.

THE SOURCE: Sanook, Kapook

Lora M. Andrew