The owner of this two-bedroom apartment in Toronto is asking for $19,000 in rent

If you’ve somehow saved enough money to put down a down payment on a Toronto-area starter condo, you might prefer to give it all up for a single month’s rent in a particularly candle-lit two-bedroom apartment in the city. which is being advertised by its owner for a ridiculously high price.

The apartment is probably one of the nicest in town, but the rental price is absolutely insane.

The ninth-floor condo in the boutique building at 500 Wellington Street West is billed as a “spa in the sky” and is certainly unique, breathtaking, and beautiful — but, at just two bedrooms, its rental rate of $19,000 a month (plus a few utilities, no less) is sure to be too much for almost any renter in town.

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The unit is beautifully decorated with everything upscale and a ton of unique features.

Yes, you and however many roommates you can fit into the place to cover costs will enjoy a private walk-up elevator and the most luxurious fixtures and fittings, from an infrared sauna to walk-in closets with refrigeration drawers.

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Direct-access private elevator, anyone?

There are also 10-foot ceilings, a kitchen covered in Italian marble, integrated air purification and aromatherapy systems, and “spa-like suites” that are meant to “create the ultimate environment for well-being and tranquillity”, the rental list bed.

It is also furnished with designer and expert furniture and decoration.

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Any normal person would probably feel a little out of place in such a luxurious environment.

And, yes, the space is gigantic and bright, with three bathrooms, a huge balcony, and 2,440 square feet in total.

This is an absolutely outstanding apartment with more than you could ever dream of – but still…$19,000 a month?!

Anyone with enough money to pay that price in rent would more than likely buy a house (or a few) on their own.

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You won’t need to bring your own furniture, but you will need to commit to a one-year lease and pay maintenance fees in addition to your monthly rent of $19,000.

Again, with the owners charge nearly $3,000 a month for tiny generic boy units and some apartments without real bedrooms go for a rate of $3,500perhaps this price is not at all unrealistic and the unit will soon be filled with very wealthy tenants.

Lora M. Andrew